Rear Anti-roll – Sway Bar (New 900)

£145.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

More secure road holding can be achieved by fitting our own designed and manufactured Rear Anti-Roll/Sway bar.

When used in conjunction with our spring and damper combination, the 900 can be transformed into a much sharper handling car. The 900 in production form used the same anti-roll bar for all model variants – regardless of weight. The ideal solution for one model, is not the ideal solution for another and as car specifications change and weight changes occur, damping and roll bar rates need to be changed to compensate.

Higher performance Turbo models require an anti-roll bar much stiffer than the production item to maintain body control, especially when changing direction and cornering at high speed. Our rear Anti-Roll bar has been developed on our own cars to meet the demands of the sporting 900 driver to deliver increases in driver confidence with considerably less body roll.