SAAB 900

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The car that made Saab. The classic 900 underpinned Saab’s move as a world-wide auto-maker.

The distinctive look of the Saab 900 was matched by secure roadholding and the exceptional performance of both the 8 and 16 valve Turbo models. 3 Door T16 and T16S models with the optimum wheel and suspension specification can match the finest of today’s sports saloons in roadholding and performance, and make a very attractive buy for people looking to tune their first car.

We raced the 900 during 1987 and 1988, winning most of the races in the United Kingdom during this period with a perfect reliability record. As always, racing this model provided us with a valuable insight into the workings of this classic car. Since those long gone race days, a succession of Classic 900’s have been tuned at Abbott Racing, or at other tuners around the world using our proven products.

Many thousands of Classic 900’s have been fitted with our chargecooler system, each and every time the owners are delighted with the difference in power and economy that the chargecooler kit offers. Even now, rarely a day passes without a Classic 900 being modified in our workshops, tuning from mild to wild – the Classic remains exactly as its name suggests – a true classic, built in excellent Saab tradition.