SAAB 9000

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Saab 9000 Overview

Saab 9000 Overview

The most successful Saab ever, the 9000 boasts an excellent chassis that when fully tuned, offers exceptional road holding.

With years of Motorsport experience, including championship wins, we have learnt all there is to know about the dynamics of the 9000. For 10 years, Ed Abbott’s personal choice of car has always been a 9000, clocking up over 300,000 miles in a variety of 9000 Turbos. All our tuning items have therefore been thoroughly tested!

On 15″ wheels and standard suspension, the 9000 feels less than inspiring, but once fitted with 16″ or 17″ wheels and correctly engineered suspension, it starts to really perform. The addition of sports suspension bushes, an LSD and more power makes the 9000 a fantastic all round car that is difficult to beat.

On winding country roads, a well modified 9000 is one of the worlds fastest and most underrated saloon cars, capable of shaming many newer and smaller cars, yet inside the 9000, no matter how fast you travel the atmosphere is still calm and quiet.

The “hotter” 9000’s such as Carlsson and Aero models make a good basis for out and out road-eating monsters able to cover huge distances in very short times, but for more everyday use, a 2.0 or 2.3 Ecopower model is a very good basis for tuning. Ecopower models offer a much smaller turbo, giving faster spool-up times (resulting in less turbo lag) and instant power right when you need it.

Our intercooler kits are particularly effective on Ecopower cars, giving mid-range performance beyond even an Aero – but of course a modified Aero, that is another story…