SAAB 9-5

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The outgoing 9-5 was a major challenge for SAAB – to produce a car to continue
SAABs distinctive heritage, yet move them into the new millennium.

Drive one and you will agree, the 9-5 boasts high levels of comfort and refinement. The cabin layout is excellent, the performance and cornering are good, the brakes reassuring and firm. But is it a driver’s car, performing with the conviction of previous Saab Turbo models? Everyone has their own opinions of the Saab 9-5, and so as with most things automotive – it’s best to try one out for yourself.

Having driven a 9-5, if you want firmer road holding, more vivid performance, then we can help. We can also improve the visual styling of the car, enabling you to specify your own styling options, including alloy wheels in up to 19″ diameter and a range of sports exhausts. We have now owned and sold many 9-5 models, both petrol and diesel, so believe our own experiences of what to buy will be of great interest to you.

The ‘Old 9-5’ was in production for 12 years and by all standards became an outstanding car, especially the Aero models from 2002 onwards. Ecopower cars prior to 2002 were prone to sump sludge problems resulting in premature engine and turbo failures, which tarnished the model name thereafter. This was unfortunate because the engine range was fundamentally a very sound design, and if owners had insisted on a fully synthetic oil like Mobil 1, this problem would have never occurred. Saab did fit stickers under the Bonnet to ensure this happened on Aero models.