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Viggen Rescue Kit

£495.00 excl. VAT


Product Description

Designed by Ed Abbott in 1996 the handling kit for the 900/9-3 was initially used on our race cars of that era and then sold as a tuning kit for the 9-3 when introduced in 1998. The release of the 9-3 Viggen in 1999 resulted in a huge demand for this kit as TWR, who had been responsible for the chassis development of the Viggen, seemed to ignore this vital area.
A member of the motoring press coined the phrase ‘Viggen Rescue Kit’ after driving a Viggen before and after the kit was fitted, noting the car had been totally transformed or “rescued”.

The kit contains 4 Items:

  • Steering Rack Brace kit made from aero industry quality alloy.

  • Support arm roller bearing kit.

  • Polyurethane track control arm bush kit.

  • Stainless steel subframe brace

The net result of these items reduces torque steer by 80%, increases steering precision by 100% and generally transforms a wayward car to being far more driveable. It makes a great improvement to all 900/9-3 models. The rack brace kit strengthens the bulkhead area and reduces the likelihood of it cracking.