Lower And Stiffer Springs (Saab New 900)

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Product Description

Beware of cheap imitations
Every week we remove unsuitable springs which are too low and too stiff, making the car very unpleasant to drive.

Our design goal for suspension systems, is to always improve roadholding and handling, but without reduction in ride quality and comfort.

Our springs are designed in house using our own cars so that we do not just test the efficiency of our springs, we are also able to sample their daily “livability”. This puts us in a better position than any other tuner to make decisive choices of spring rates, especially considering the quality of the roads local to Abbott Racing. It is fair to say our springs are tested almost to destruction.

When we have a spring rate we are happy with, the springs are production made in Sheffield, England, by a specialist spring manufacturer. They are then Powder-coated for corrosion protection.

Fitted, our springs lower the car by 30mm (approx. 1″) and are nominally 20% stiffer than standard.

Our springs are superb in all respects and cannot be bettered. Personally designed by Ed Abbott, also responsible for the suspension design for all our championship & race winning SAAB saloon cars.