Lightweight Billet Flywheel (SAAB C900)

£249.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

This product unique to Abbott Racing, has the starter ring gear machined as part of the flywheel, for greater reliability, and integral strength. A cost effective replacement for standard flywheels, which have damaged friction faces, worn, cracked,or hot spotted, giving rise to clutch clip.

Improved Acceleration
Faster Throttle Response
Improved Engine Braking
Quality Of Idle / Tick-over From The Engine Remains As Standard

The O/E flywheel weighs a staggering 9.5kg, (21lbs) this┬áresults in reduced engine speed up, and engine revs “hanging up” on gear changing…The lightweight billet flywheel is 39.5% lighter (at 5.75kg) giving the engine more freedom to accelerate and decelerate for greater driving pleasure.


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