Dump Valve – Atmospheric

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Product Description

Recent tests on our Super-Flow flow bench, have illustrated the advantages over the standard item. To summarise, our valves “open” earlier, and pass a greater quantity of air throughout the range, allowing the turbo to respond faster, when changing gear. There is much speculation as to whether or not, there are gains to be had from fitting an alternative valve, it is now clear to see, our claims are quantified


All our Motorsport dump valves are made from billet aluminium and operate with a 10mm larger diameter port than the standard item. This increased area produces both improved throttle response and higher clamping load to maintain boost pressure more reliably.


Our dump valves are all piston operated and suffer none of the failures associated with diaphragm type dump valves.


The Recirculating type dump valves pass the spent air from the turbo-charger back into the intake system with only a small noise as the air rushes through. These are the most effective valves for use on cars with the Bosch LH management system. For cars where less clearance is available around the valve, a smaller body re-circulating valve is available.


Atmospheric dump valves are available for those looking for the “Whoosh” noise, most commonly seen in International rallying. Our atmosphere valves use twin counter-balanced springs and dual pistons to ensure that no air leaks into the inlet system at idle, and so requires no adjustment or fine-tuning of spring rates to suit the valve to the car.


The net result of fitting any of the above valves is sharper throttle response and a few horsepower gain, dependant on the condition of your existing plastic dump valve. Dump valves are usually fitted in conjunction with an engine management upgrade, to cope with the increased boost pressures.


PLEASE NOTE:- THIS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ENGINES WITH TRIONIC T7 ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS.Please contact us if you are uncertain as to your vehicle specification.


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