Koni Gas-Hydraulic Dampers (New 9-3)

£598.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

Using Koni Adjustable dampers and our sports lower and stiffer springs, the weight of the cars body is kept under a considerably greater degree of control, improving the drivers level of confidence, and giving the car a far more focused feel.


With the kit fitted, the steering feel is far more precise especially when changing direction quickly. The bump/rebound damping rates have been perfected from over 10 years SAAB experience to give the ideal balance between handling and ride quality.


Particularly for earlier models, the total transformation in roadholding offered by this kit, cannot be overemphasised.


Koni Adjustable dampers are externally adjustable and do not need to be removed from the car to be adjusted – just a brief stop at the side of the road will allow you to fine tune the damping with the turn of the supplied key.


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