Wossner B202 Forged Pistons Early 9000 1985-1993 +0.50mm Oversize

£699.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

The Pistons are 90.5mm, to enable worn blocks to be recovered by reboring to first oversized rebore. Suitable for all SAAB early turbo engines 1985-1993

Wossner High Quality Forged Pistons Are Largely Constructed Of 4032 (T6) Alloy. As Standard All Wossner Pistons Come With A Special Moly Coated Skirt To Aid Lubrication Keep Piston Noise To Minimum. Each Set Is Provided With Matched Piston Rings And Gudgeon Pins And Prices Reflect A full Engine Set…

Wossner Pistons Are An Ideal Replacement For O/E Cast Pistons, Which In Our Experience Can Fail Without Warning… Especially If The Engine Has Experienced Any Detonation As A Result Of D.I Cassette, Catalyst Problems Or Over – Boosting.

Forged Pistons Are Necessary For High Power Output Engines Or Are Revved Above 6000RPM As The Standard Cast Pistons Are Liable To Failure At This Level Of Stress.

The Standard Cast Pistons Are Fine For 99.5% Of All Applications.

Forged Pistons Offer 100% Reliability, Improved Heat Dissipation, And Reduced Frictional Losses Compared To Standard, Allowing Higher Boost Pressure And Therefore More Power.


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