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Motorsport Catalyst (C900)

£290.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

This is a direct replacement for the standard catalytic converter with no modification or fabrication needed to fit to a standard or our stainless steel system.

Catalyst Technical Specifications

Superflow flow bench tests reveal a considerble increase in flow compared to an original equipment catalyst core.

AR Catalyst Flow Rate    150CFM

O/E Catalyst Flow Rate  94CFM

For Reference

CFM= Cubic Feet Per Minute Measured At 5″ Water

Our perfromance catalysts come with metal substrates,

increasing durability.

Cell configuration is 200 CPSI (Cells Per Square Inch) – O/E Are approx 400 CPSI.

This Catalyst Is The Same Dimensions As The Original OEM Catalyst.


Please Note: This catalyst meets, and exceeds current MOT emission standards.


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