Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads

£899.00 excl. VAT


Product Description

Gas-Flowed Cylinder Head, £899 

Big-Exhaust Valve Gas-Flowed Cylinder Head, £1099

 We can gas flow any Saab Head. Contact us for more information.

Production Cylinder-heads can be improved to increase air flow, by carefully machining and polishing the rough-cast inlet and exhaust ports. Valve seats can be blended into the head castings, removing sharp edges which disturb air flow. This precise art is labour intensive and requires much skill and experience.


Abbott Racing heads are designed to maintain air speed, while mass air flow is increased to ensure compatibility with normally aspirated engines as well as turbocharged units. You can specify increased valve sizes dependant upon model year to further increase power. Modified Cylinder heads work best above 4000 RPM but do not damage the drive-ability at lower RPM.


Compression ratio increases can be achieved by machining the face of the cylinder head within manufacturing tolerances, this improves engine response and combustion efficiency. When used in conjunction with our engine management system changes, the gas-flowed cylinder head can dramatically increase power and economy with total reliability.


The cylinder head modifications we perform were developed using our Superflow SF-110E Air-Flow bench. With a cylinder head fitted to the flow bench it is possible to measure the volume of air flowing through the ports of the cylinder head, we established a baseline figure, modify the ports of the cylinder head and test the head again – more air flows and in simple terms more power is produced.

Prices based on customer providing a serviceable head. Extra costs may be incurred for repair/reconditioning substandard heads provided.


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