23 September 2016 | Abbott Saab News

HI Giles,

Just received and fitted the 93SS strut brace and went for a quick test drive. I’m still smiling so I had to drop you a note to say thanks. The difference is nothing short of amazing, all the vagueness in the steering is gone, it transforms the car!

If the other braces are anything close to this then I will definitely be fitting them next



Hi Giles

I just wanted to thank you and your band of top engineers for all the work you have done on my Viggen, it looks and drives fantastic, I always have a grin on my face when driving, even more so now. It is defiantly a keeper.

So many thanks and all being well I will see you again in a two years …….. may be a brake upgrade!!

Kind Regards



Morning Ed,

Having had my car back for a couple of days I must report how pleased I am with the work you and your team have done.

The driveability is much improved, the low down torque is much better and the overall driving experience has been greatly enhanced.

I always felt it lacking a bit in the lower rev ranges which is where you need it during daily driving, now it will cruise around and pull well at lower speeds in 4th or 5th no problem.

These subtle improvements keep convincing me to continue with it, maybe something else next time, I’m sure the exhaust will fail at some point so a good excuse to upgrade!.

Maybe the intercooler?

Thanks again to you and your team (especially Brad for all the driving he had to do).

Kind regards



I had a good drive back to Warwick yesterday evening in the Sportwagon.
Thank you again for sorting out the car, I’m very pleased with it and have to say, doing business with you has been a great experience.
Best regards
Steve H



I’ve been driving with the Quaife for a few weeks now.  Bottom line – I love it, love it, LOVE IT!

I don’t know how I have lived without it.

Thanks so much!



Hi Giles,

Many thanks to you, Mark, Ed and Will for picking up, sorting and
returning my car. I drove to Birmingham and back yesterday, it was a
very pleasant run. The aircon now performs flawlessly and I remained
cool even in heavy Brum traffic.

Best wishes,


Hi Giles,
I just wanted to say that the springs arrived quickly. It wasn’t pretty getting them in there but what a difference it made. The car feels smooth and tight. It puts the power down nicely.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you.


Hi Giles,

It has arrived. It is a thing of beauty, almost seems a shame to fit it to the car!


(New 9-3 3″ Downpipe)


Good morning Giles

Hope your well this morning old chap and I trust you had a good weekend.

I just wanted to thank you for allowing Mark to sort out the problems on my wifes Saab 9-5 especially as the boy’s are quite busy in the workshop as usual,which of course is a good thing.

Anyhow a fast reponse time as per usual and I wanted to let you know how  extremely grateful we both are at this end.

It did help us immensely as my Landrover was off the road at the same time unfortunately so that of course was making life a little complicated, so getting the car back up and running whilst I waited was a

a real help believe me.

The car is running perfectly infact it almost feels like a different car to drive.

So thanks once again Giles,(TOP MAN)and of course a pleasure to see you.

I will of course praise your efforts to Ed upon his return,but of course he probably already knows of your efficiency,but a slap on the back is always nice occasionally.

Please also thank Mark again and tell him how grateful my wife and I are.

Best regards

Barrie & Teresa

Clacton on Sea.


Giles and Mark,

Just wanted to thank you for the great service, package received here in Australia today. Look forward to freshening up the old Viggen with these new parts.





The car feels totally different and brand new to steer after the work done replacing the track rod ends.  The rattle or knock I mentioned is gone.  I took the car out for a run after James kindly dropped it off and just kept on driving. Steering feel is mega better….I’d go as far as to say to enthusiastic owners to  just get this job done as a matter of course.
Thanks…(You can quote me)


Hi Ed Giles & Mark,

Just like to thank you for the excellent service once again last week.

Still making a great cup of tea just need to get Giles baking then you could open a tea room ha ha.

Brakes on the car working fine, will see you in October for a full service when I get back from Spain.

Best Regards to all Gerald.


Hi Giles,
Very pleased with the turbo intake pipe, the car is definitely a touch more responsive. The last item I’m considering at this stage is the uprated intercooler. Can I keep the standard air con if I fit an Abbott intercooler and what are the costs to supply and fit?


Hi Giles,
What can I say, the car drives fantastic!
I have owned many modified cars and they always ‘feel’ modified in some way. Ours feels just like it rolled out of the factory like it, just enough grunt to put a smile on your face but not over the top.
Thanks to all the team, I couldn’t fault the service at all.
Look forward to having the car over to you again in the future, maybe for brakes now! Haha
Kinds Regards


Hi Giles,
Just thought you would like to know that the exhaust and intake pipework turned up in perfect condition!!! I’m really impressed with the quality of the exhaust and all of the individual components. It actually looks much better than in any of the online pictures or forum posts where people have shown it!
I’m not sure what else I can say really but I wanted you to know that I am extremely grateful for all of your assistance and continued contact over the past month or so and I really look forward to shopping with you again soon.
No wonder you have such a good reputation!
Thanks again!!
Kind regards,


Evening Giles!
The flywheel arrived today and has already been put on the car! Very nice flywheel, the quality of it is amazing and it’s considerably lighter than the old one! Looking forward to seeing how it drives!
I’m looking forward to future business with yourself!
Thanks, Dan


Hello Giles,
The conrods arrived the last friday, many thanks for your fast shipping and many thanks for the stickers, will be highly appreciated by the saabs fanatics here in Spain!
best regards


Hi Giles,
Just wanted to follow up.
Appreciated the pics.
Really happy with the work done. Pass on my thanks to Ed & ‘who ever’ worked on the car.
Also appreciated you guys replacing my washer pump 5 minutes before I headed back to Hinckley.


Giles thank you once again very pleased with the work done.
As always a pleasure to see you and the team.
I saw Ed as I was driving off what a smile the teeth looked great ha ha.
Vicky phoned me from Spain to see if l had the car back and asked me how much it was at this point the phone started playing up.
No she was fine about it.
Had a good run back and l will keep you updated about the Saab Magazine.
Best regards Gerald.


Hello Giles,
We had a very pleasant stay , liked again the friendliness of you guys and happy with the job.
Best of luck and was glad to see Saab business was still very much alive
Regards Paul


Hi Giles
Sorry forgot to thank you guys properly, great job – looks really good
Best Regards


I just took the most enjoyable ride I’ve ever had in a Saab after installing the shocks and artisan level shocks I ordered from your team. Thank you so much for what you do. I’ve been grinning from ear to ear all day.
Expect to hear from me shortly on some other performance upgrades. As this change was simply breathtaking.
Thanks again,



Just a quick note to say I have now driven my Saab in all temperatures for several weeks, with no problems. So thank you for fixing the problem of poor running in high air temperature.  I have no idea what the final solution was but it was very effective and the car runs extremely well.


Hi Giles,

That was the fastest international shipping I have ever experienced.

Thanks heaps.

Now to make a fast viggen.

Regards, Steve


Hello Giles,

Wheels just delivered, for which many thanks.

It’s been a pleasure to deal with you over the past 2+ years – yes it’s that long, we were first in contact 9th November 2015!! Your always pleased to help attitude is a credit to you and Abbott Racing and for this particular customer given confidence in the service you offer and so comprehensively follow through. A first class job provided by a first class firm.

With my very best wishes for now and the future,



Hello Giles and all at Abbott Racing

Huge thanks again for everything, splendid work by the body shop again in bringing my car up to simply stunning condition, and thanks to you for organising things so nicely and helpfully.

I really appreciate both the friendliness and professionalism of your company!



Thank you Giles. You’re a star as always. It’s been a great pleasure having you look after my baby these last 5 years or so.

Your Knowledge and expertise is immense. I hope when I eventually return I can find a way to have you look after whatever car I have. A concourse Saab as a toy would be fun.

All the best for now



Hi Giles,

Thanks for the (as ever) excellent work on my car.

How is the beautiful  Abbott Racing collie dog after being at the vets?




Hi Giles,

I hope you went home without problems yesterday. You have done a great job on the car !

I do love the new gearbox and gear shift. I have no more trouble to change speeds. We must do it quickly and without hesitating…..it takes a little time to get used to it.

The engine is really smoother and power arrives in a more continuous way (you must have remapped the ecu for it ?). It was rougher before modifications. DiamondBrite treatment is great ! Many thanks for the kit of maintenance care products you gave me.

I am really satisfied by the overall result.

Say hello to Karen

Warmest regards



Hi Giles

Back home safe and sound – quite a good journey apart from delays at Dartford.

The car felt fantastic – would not have believed how much difference the roll bar bushes would make. Now I know what people mean when they say a car feels glued to the road! I will have to get our 9-5 treated sometime.

Best wishes



Morning Giles

Well what can I say! The car ran very well. The exhaust is beautifully made and sounds great. Nice strong burble on start up going to very quiet state at cruising. It is actually only slightly noisier at cruise than the standard system. The tunnels are great, and full on power it sounds very good! I have actually now thought what the car sounds like, it reminds me of an old 900 turbo when it is burbling away.

It was great seeing you all, and although I think the Viggen is now tuned to how I want and don’t want to push it further I will definitely be back soon for all the maintenance on all the saabs. Basically the car was an iconic car from saab which still has all the same values just been made better, and in my opinion what saab should of done from new!

Have a great day, thanks again and be back soon!



Hi Giles!

Can you believe it is now about a year since the Great Conversion of my car? I have been meaning to write since the summer, when a transformation took place, and I think my engine loosened up a bit more. It is absolutely PURRING now, and on Friday, a return trip to Mansfield (230 miles), albeit with no bikes on the roof or luggage, gave me an estimated 36.5 mpg!

Now I know it won’t really be quite that high, but something happened on our summer holiday. 1500 miles across France and back, loaded to the gunnels and with 4 bikes on the roof, was enough of a load on the engine to properly break it in, I think. Since then, it has ben noticeably smoother, better fuel econ all round, but especially on long journeys, and just a joy to drive in every respect.

Thank you once again!

best wishes



Hi Giles,

the delivery pipe for my 9000 Aero is announced to be delivered today, what a stunning fast shipping! Are there any advices to be strictly considered when installing the item ?

Thanks a lot, God save the Queen and bless the UK!!





Well got home ok, steering is great so much better, glides round bends, and lovely in strait line, and yes the exhaust makes a very deep sound when you kick down to overtake, son-in-law all ready took the car and loves it, will give good feedback on website, lovely job on exhaust, even been given half the money from son-in-law, who dose more miles then me anyway,

Many thanks



Hi Ed, Giles & the team,

Many thanks for all your hard work in repairing the XWD problem on our car.

We have driven about 150 miles & it is performing perfectly, Your dedication & expertise is much appreciated.

Thanks once again.

Jeff ………I look forward to see you all when the next service is due.


Hi Giles and Ed,

Many thanks for your work on my Aero, it feels again like  a different car even on just a short run, I’m looking forward to getting out for longer drive in the next week or so.

Best regards,



Good to see you last night Giles. Hope the drive back was comfortable and the car didn’t cause you any problems. I forgot to mention that the valid tax disc is in the centre console just below the dash controls. Just in case the police stop you.

Thanks so much for coming all this way to pick up the car. I am amazed, never had such excellent service. I normally have to hang around in Ballards or sit in a coffee shop all day!

Best wishes



Good afternoon Giles and Ed

I am almost 1 week into owning RX53RZR and I have to say she is absolutely fantastic. The power is unbelievable but very smooth, why did it take me so long to find Abbott Racing?!!!

Also the 9-3 ttid is running really well after having the turbo replaced, the engine is smoother and more responsive and probably in better shape how than it was 70000 miles ago!

We can’t thank you all enough

Very best Regards

Kim and David


Hi Giles

Parts arrived as promised so many thanks for sorting that so quickly. Also I have to say the springs you supplied for my 95 are superb. They have transformed the car making it so much nicer to drive. On our regular trip to wales my wife no longer feels sea sick yet the children still fall asleep!

Thanks again



Hi Giles,

After 3/4 year I would like to give you some feedback information. The 3″ Cat Back system for my NG900 Talladega is wonderful. The turbo spool up is faster, and at normal and forced highway use it is not noisy. It is very enjoyable at highway around 100 mph/h to press the gas pedal and release it and listen to the noise formed by the vacuum at the rear box. I am really happy with your system. In city use the deep rumble is also very nice.

Best Regards,

Gabor (from Hungary)


Just a quick thank you ,back box received in good order on Tuesday,fitted to-day Saturday in 20 mins,even the alfa specialist I use is impressed with the fit and quality,car sounds great.once again thank you.



Hi Giles and Ed,

Just a quick note to say many thanks for picking up and dropping off my SAAB, and the work on the brakes and chassis. I managed to get a bit of a drive out of town at the end of last week, it was only 50-60 miles but a good mix of A roads and M Way.

The car has always had accurate steering, but the changes on the chassis improve on that by a good margin, very precise indeed. I wouldn’t have expected that from changes on the rear.

The new shocks are great, the stiff setting on the Koni’s is perfect on the move, it gives a deeper feel and yet is still supple enough for everyday cruising. I suspect in town I will need to either adjust them slightly or only drive on new asphalt. Good thing they are adjustable.

The brakes are much better too, not just no whining/whistling but actually feel stronger and more responsive, not that they have ever been bad, but the new servo brings back an as new feel to the car.

My only possible regret is that I should probably have gone for the lower stiffer springs, still maybe next year!

Best regards,



Very happy with the exhaust. Arrived as you said bang on time and perfectly wrapped. Clearly a quality item, very impressed with the workmanship etc and the fit is absolutely spot on.

Was able to fit on the drive and all bolted up perfectly. As with my previous 9000 exhaust from you, the one word to describe it is Quality!

Cheers Giles.



All fine even after few weeks, car stronger at very low rpm(?), no change in mid range and feels (don’t know for real) faster at high rpm >4500. very smooth, no surges, excellent progressive power delivery and gas pedal feeling, gentle, no “racer” car feeling; GOOD!.

Not to say it was not good before! Just even smoother and faster now.

Many Thanks Again, Very Best


Hello Giles & Ed

Just received my copy of Saab Driver. Congratulations on being appointed a SAAB parts UK authorised service centre. Its great news, and thoroughly deserved for your excellent service, and Ed’s tea making skills!

Eight months on since you did the work on my car and it still puts a smile on my face when I drive  it.

Have a great Christmas, and best wishes to all for 2014.

Kind regards


Saab 93


Hi Giles,

Many thanks for your mail.

Performances are fantastic ! They are the result of the great work of Abbott.

Thank you to transmit my congratulations to Ed and all the team who worked on my car.

I am very proud of my car, she’s amazing.

Thanks especially to you, Giles!

best regards

Raymond (France)


Hi Ed and The Team.

Just a quick note to thank you and your excellent team for all the work carried out on my 9-5 Aero.

I can honestly say that the improvements carried out, ECU, exhaust, DI cassette, breather pipe and headlamp level sensor has made a world of difference. The additional performance along with the smoother running and improved fuel economy has made my car come back to life.

Thank you also for making me feel so welcome and for entertaining my own passion for Saab. Particularly the poor mechanics working on my vehicle. I hope I didn’t bother you too much.

I shall be back in touch soon for a steering rack brace. I noticed a little more torque steer than I am use too.

All the best to you and your business.





My garage received the intercooler and Viggen Rescue Kit, and installed same in my vehicle earlier this week.  I picked my Viggen up yesterday, and noted a virtually complete elimination of torque steer.  The car also appears to be tighter on the road.  Wonderful engineering solution – and yet so simple; as elegant solutions tend to be.  I’ve not yet had the opportunity to judge the benefits of the intercooler, but will do so in the near future.  The car only has only17,000 km on its speedo; it’s a Sunday driver that sees no snow, rain or other inclement Canadian weather, and has greatly improved with the addition of Abbott Racing parts.  The mechanic who worked on it this week – and I – were impressed with the results of the mods on the vehicle.

Next summer, I intend to add an Abbott Racing limited-slip differential to my Viggen, an AP-Racing paddle clutch and slightly lower springs and shocks, as per the suggestions on your web site.  I’ve toyed with the thought of changing the transmission to a 6-speed, but have dismissed same – at least in the short term.

I’d like the car to achieve its best possible performance, and yet maintain the essence of what Saab and TRW originally intended with their 1994-1996 SVO project – but with a few more “ponies” (no more than 300hp).  I’ll be grateful for your thoughts in this regard.

Given the above, I’m also considering the 3.3 bar fuel pressure regulator, and was wondering whether that component will work on its own in my vehicle, or if I’ll require a stage 1, 2 or 3 engine software upgrade to make same function in unison.  Any information and suggestions you may be able to send my way in terms of the fuel pressure regulator – and a dump valve – will be very much welcome.

My only disappointment was with the fact that Saab/GM didn’t include the above-noted parts on the Viggen when I purchased it in 2001; particularly given the vehicle’s auspicious beginnings, its cost, and its potential as a flagship for the brand.

Nevertheless, I could not be happier with the results of the parts you sent to me; and the resultant modifications to my favourite vehicle.  I’m now creating the car I expected to own when I purchased my Viggen.  Many thanks for your assistance with the order – it was greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,



Hi Giles,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the latest work on the car. With the nice short spell of sun on the car this afternoon I could see what a great job the Abbott team have done so very happy. Rear offside door looks like new and thanks for the cost saving option of polishing!

Best Regards



Hi there. Just a quick message to say thank you for sending out the Viggen Rescue Kit. My local garage managed to fit the various components to my 51-plate 9-3 Aero last week without any difficulties. I’ve already noticed a marked improvement in the handling of the car, which gives me a lot more confidence when driving it. Hopefully, I’ll get another few years out of it.




Hi Giles Ed and team,

Just like to thank you for the excellent service today and the endless cups of tea.

Well worth the four hour drive good luck with your operation Giles catch up soon.

Best Regards



Good to meet you and Karen and thank you for your text. Hope you got back OK before the snow hit Essex !

I had a very effortless drive home – it really is a lovely car to drive. Stick it in Cruise,sit back and listen to the music ! I have to say it is quick,when it wants to be !!!

Thank you for all your kind efforts in ensuring that the car was in A1 condition.It was nice to do business with you. I will be recommending Abbott Racing ……

Kind regards,



We realy enjoyed our selves at Abbott Racing and speaking with Ed Abbott (the owner) i belief?

The upgrade is fantastic. The engine seems too run quieter, stronger and pulls amazing!

We will be stopping by again for a brake and suspension upgrade hopefully this year.

Many thanks and keep up the great job.



Well after the bulkhead repair and having the brace fitted I thought you had given me back the wrong car, it is so much better in the corners and just feels better and tighter. Less torque steer which means you can use more of the power.

This has made a good car into a fantastic car and anyone who needs there 9-3 put back together needs to come to you,where they well get old fashion service fantastic workmanship and good expert advice.Thank you



Hi Giles,

Just a quick email to say the drives so well after the service and fitting of the brace, I can now imagine what the rescue kit does for the Viggen, the stiffening of the front end makes so much difference and the car feels much more able to handle the torque delivery!!

A very large thank you for transforming the car and fixing all the dents.

Kind regards



Dear Giles,

I hope you had a clear run home again last night.  The car seems to be running as well as ever, so thanks to you and the team for sorting it out.  I haven’t really pushed it yet, but there is none of the sluggishness that there was previously.  The roof also looks like new, and will hopefully leak less.

I presume that I will receive a discount on my next service with abbot racing as I notice that my car has become a mobile advertisement for you?



Hi Giles,

Just a quick note to say thanks to you and Ed and the chaps in the garage. The engine feels better for the engine mount, its a bit quieter now the exhaust is secured again. Best of all the car looks brilliant with the reworked alloys, they really have come up a treat.

Best wishes,



Hi Giles,
Just a quick note to say thanks to Mark for bringing the car back, and thanks for doing a great job. The engine feels more lively and delivers power very smoothly. The brakes are perfect again and the handbrake no longer sticks! Its a pleasure to have the AC Display Panel back to its
former glory too. I’m hoping to get a proper drive in over the next
couple of weeks, E.Yorks and back again in a day!.

Hopefully see you in October for the wheels to be refurbished.

Best wishes,



Hi Giles

I hope you had a good weekend.

Ade and I really enjoyed our trip down on Friday, it was an incredibly long day but well worth the effort, so again thanks for your hospitatlity and for looking after us so well.

I just wanted to say a huge and heartfelt thank-you to you and Neil for your help, advice, understanding and ultimate wisdom in the work your kindly undertook for me, I know it took me a little longer to get organised than I expected but the work that was carried out for me is just mind blowing, I can’t believe the quality and attention to detail thats been lavished on my project by Abbott Racing.

I’ve spent most of the weekend looking at my purchases, mostly in awe of what I’ve got, I just need to get them fitted now!

From start to finish you guys have been superb and I’m so glad that I called you that day regarding the Cold Air Intake query, which of course led to where I am now, talk about a twist of fate! – I couldn’t have imgained how that one phone call would change everything so much for the better for me.  The work that Neil has done is nothing short of amazing, the attention to detail is clearly there for all to see and I’m very proud to be able to show off Neils efforts in my car!

So thanks again to everyone at Abbott Racing and rest assured I’ll be telling everyone about the incredible work you’ve done for me – I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!

Many thanks and warmest regards.



Hi Giles

Hope you had a good holiday.

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks, as the car “feels” so much better than it did. It must have been a combination of the wheels and tyres being crap as she feels and drives so much better now.

Best regards,



Actually it’s really refreshing to find a place as good as you are, most times when I buy something, whether it’s goods or services, I come away feeling short changed.

I wish there were more places like yours.

I really do appreciate the customer service service you give. A while ago through a job I was doing I was introduced to a particular way of working based around exceeding peoples expectations, I reckon you guys fall firmly into that category.




I just received my 3 inch stainless steel exhaust for my 1995 9000 CSE. I want to thank you for a very high quality product. The fit and finish were perfect. It bolted right up to turbo and all hangars. I would recommend stainless steel bolts and nuts. I’ll be changing mine to stainless hardware. Great sound too. I’ll send pictures and a YouTube link later.



Hello Giles,

Just to say I had a good journey back from Manningtree on Friday – the car runs very well……

I thought the age of the car might count against it a bit, but not so it seems ! ! The Abbott upgrade has greatly “improved” the bhp/torque output (no misfire with the new plugs), to make for an even more interesting car….

Always did like this ‘old’ car – so like it even more now !

Best regards,



Hi Giles

Beautiful weekend, great weather perfect soft top motoring. Really enjoying car and its all thanks to abbotts racing as it is such a pleasure to drive. After my playing about I gave the car a good clean and attached are a couple of snaps (without sponges etc) if you wish to make use of these.

This must be one of the most tuned 93 by yourselves now as I can’t think of any products that have not been used.

– Airfilter
– Inter-cooler
– TD04 Turbo
– Custom dual exhaust

– Limited Slip Differential
– AP Racing brakes front 6 pot
– Abbotts brakes rear
– FSD shocks
– Spring upgrade
– Hirsch alloys And custom interior!

Can’t remember anything else but it’s a great car. Hope you like the pictures.

I will try one day to get all the saabs in the family together as we have 6 I think.

All the best James


Hi Edd,

Thank u for a great job done to my car and please personally thank all that worked on it. The vehicle now performs and drives like a dream.

Many thanks, I shall recommend,

Kevin ( Blue 93 convertible)


Good Morning Giles

I thought I would get back to you with some feedback after 1 week of living with the Saab following your modifications.

First off, thank you for all the help your technicians gave with regards sorting the car out prior to making the changes.

In addition, the patience they showed in removing the parts was exemplary, never have I come across such careful technicians, they are a credit to you.

The performance off the Saab is better than I expected, a few live bursts on the way back confirmed that it is a well thought out package on your part.

It is completely docile in the traffic I sit in during my commute to and from work, yet I can exploit traffic gaps with ease when needed.

As your technicians quoted after they road tested it, “very smooth” I can confirm that, extra power everywhere and no lag.

To say I am very pleased is an understatement and would be selling the conversion short.

I now believe I have a true turbo car.

Thank you very much.

Best regards



I would like to thank you for your help in locating the parts that I needed ,it had been virtually impossible until i contacted yourselves. I am even more grateful that you sent them so quickly and that no payment was requested (a positive in anyone’s book) i am amember of UK Saabs and it goes without saying that your company always has positive feedback from numerous members which is why i contacted you in the first place.

I am now able to give some positive feedback from a personal perspective which has been shared on the forum’s coffee bar. Again I would like to thankyou for such an evcellent personal service and I will have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to others or dealing with you again.



Hi Giles,

I am not sure what you have done to the A5, but every time I drive it, it feels better and quicker than before. Those 600Nm really do make a massive difference. The standard car is said to do 0-62 in 5.8 Secs – this must have shaved off at least another 0 .5 second.

Hope this finds you well.

Kind regards,


Hi Giles

Sorry I have not emailed sooner but been having far to much fun in the car and now away in the states. It was a great drive down and the exhaust is fantastic. I did spend Monday cleaning it and please let Neil know the workman ship is fantastic it is such a nice product. The exhaust does boom a bit more but only if you put your foot down hard in high gear. The car does rev higher and quicker and with a really nice roor!

Thank you very much, I will get some photos next time it is out.

All the best


Hi Giles,

I’ve been able to thoroughly test the modifications you made to my car’s suspension and am compelled to write and say I love them.

I never liked the bouncy standard 95 aero suspension or the way it steered. The matched Abbott springs and Bilsteins you fitted are a revelation. I knew the set up would be good but it exceeded all expectations I could have had for this car. The improvement is massive!

The car feels more comfortable than the original Saab aero set up yet it corners much flatter and the steering feel is much more direct and positive. An immediate sign of this is that I am driving the car much faster ( when conditions allow) over difficult roads that I know well. When I got home the dog refused to leave the car because she’d not been taken for her walk…… so I hit the normal bumpy back lanes to go the 6 mile route to my mate’s huge farm where I walk her every day…..I tested the the suspension over challenging points including some very testing compressions and tree root undulations plus some very rough surfaces….It was no problem at all and all better than the standard aero suspension … The car is also much more stable under braking and acceleration and in maintaining grip and traction…the car feels as if it’s on rails. I’ve tried to find a weak point with this set up but just have to give it 10out of 10. This is the third car I’ve had Abbott suspension on the others being GM 900, 9000 aero. They were excellent but this set up is even better. all I can say is I wish I had had this improvement done earlier! I’d go as far as to say it should be the first mod done on an aero. The car feels like a proper Saab now and brings back fond memories of my 900t16S back in the day…but in modern form. The car is a proper drivers car now and really brings a smile to my face. I am looking for any excuse to drive it or I even just go for a drive anyway!

If any 95 owners are considering this set up I’d be happy to take their phone call and tell them my experience and you are welcome to quote all or any part of this email.

Please pass on my thanks to all who worked on the car in all aspects.



Hi Giles,

Thanks to your staff for sorting the 9-3 suspension, the drive back to Llangollen tested that everything was in order and the transformation is superb. (How a Saab should be). The brakes were vibrating quite badly before hand but the sorting of the track rod ends / bushes etc. seems to have sorted that too.

It was good to see your collection of Saabs (& Alfa Romeo) around the place and a decent cycle ride around Essex.




Hi Giles,

Am very pleased with all the work carried out.

Now that im out of the snow I will have a good look at the sump guard but from the small look I’ve had it looks very meaty! The brakes I will have to learn to brake softer and make the discs last longer! Oh and the ride is very good.

I was starting to get some creaks and knocks but all has gone with the renewed springs. All in all great service, great customer care everything I love about abbotts racing! Just need to clean the car off as rocketed down the motorway and it is filthy! Am busy for next few weeks but will be in touch regarding the 93 next. Service etc.

There is a great video on youtube for saabs, I think if you go to youtube and search for “Griffin up” you’ll get it.

Thanks all again and many thanks to Ed for being around so I could pick my car up on Sunday.


Hi Giles

No problem at all. Am very pleased with all the work carried out. Now that im out of the snow I will have a good look at the sump guard but from the small look I’ve had it looks very meaty! The brakes I will have to learn to brake softer and make the discs last longer! Oh and the ride is very good. I was starting to get some creaks and knocks but all has gone with the renewed springs. All in all great service, great customer care everything I love about abbotts racing! Just need to clean the car off as rocketed down the motorway and it is filthy!

Am busy for next few weeks but will be in touch regarding the 93 next. Service etc. There is a great video on youtube for saabs, I think if you go to youtube and search for “Griffin up” you’ll get it.

Thanks all again and many thanks to Ed for being around so I could pick my car up on Sunda.



Giles / Edd, what can I say?!!

Starting with the wheels they look stunning in the flesh!!

The bodywork is top notch!!

The hybrid turbo makes something of a difference got back to Lincolnshire about an hour earlier than I thought I would! Spent most of the journey grinning like an idiot, whooping out loud and patting the dashboard like it was an old friend!!

When sitting in traffic the amount of other drivers who were giving the car the once over was marked, I stopped for fuel and four separate guys came and had a look over the car!

There are very, very few companies I deal with both personally and professionally that I have any faith in. It gives me a lot of hope that companies like Abbott’s are still out there and make the so called big outfits look like amateurs! When people say the Brits don’t do anything of any worth these days are not aware of Abbott Racing and the team who make it tick.

Many thanks & regards,

Stunning Work!!



Transformed the car immediately noticeable on the lanes from your place to Manningtree. Now I have an idea what the front wheels are doing.

Many Thanks


Hi Giles,

Just to let you know that the cylinder head package arrived last week. Everything has gone well, and I am very pleased – the engine is less noisy but has more power than before, a real wolf in sheep’s clothing. The mechanics gathered round to compare the differences between the two heads, and were all impressed.

Thanks to all involved at Abbott Racing, a good job.




Just a quick mail as an update.

First of all the good news – gearbox is dry on the outside, oily on the inside – just the way it should be.

Second the excellent news – you have a very happy customer.

‘We’ are really pleased with the car, your workmanship and great level of customer service. I don’t know what the current power output is with the ECU program its running, but its very good. So good, I’ve not been ‘allowed’ to drive it. The last time the ‘second car’ was nearly as fast as the ‘first car’ I had to go out and buy a quicker ‘first car’……. Best to avoid the M50 drag race then.

If you have any customers from over this way that are interested in what you can do and would like a local demo (50 mile radius) – drop me a line and I’ll oblige.

Probably be in touch next year regarding the paintwork and possible suspension refresh etc…..



Hi Giles,

Just to let you know the ITG air filter has arrived safe and sound, I will be fitting it later this afternoon. Many thanks for your help and prompt service.




Hello Giles, Ed and team,

I would like to thank you for transforming my Saab 9-3 185bhp! I am shocked with the improvement to handling and throttle response since you guys have worked on it, it is amazing!

The past 2 days have been the longest I havent driven whilest listening to music, I would rather just drive and hear lovely sound created by the full exhaust system! LOL! Thank you all once again and look forward to coming up to you guys again soon…

Cheers Rich


Hi Giles,

This is just a quick note to say thanks very much for all you and the team have done. When I look back at the trail of emails, it was only 13 July when I first made speculative contact with you. And here I am now on 5 August with what feels like a brand new car. I have to say that you yourself have been great at answering emails and all. The “meet halfway” arrangement has been really helpful for me living “oop North” and meant I didn’t have to take a day’s leave.

On the way home last night it was great driving back up the A1 in that dusk/half light you only seem to get in mid summer. There wasn’t much traffic on the road and I was bursting to really open the car up and give it a blast (which I did for a few spells) but didn’t want to get pulled over by the police so kept things sensible. The exhaust sounds great, a nice burble with a bit of grunt when accelerating, but nothing too outrageous. Not sure what the missus will think however – she’s been in Spain for the last 2 weeks and gets back tomorrow. I think maybe some uprated breaking may be good .. I’ll have to watch it coming off the A1 onto roundabouts at speed. I particularly noticed the mid range acceleration had improved, say, between 50 – 70 mph. And thanks for the new numberplate and boot moniker – just the job. If you have a spare tax disc holder lying around I wouldn’t mind replacing the current local saab dealers one that is use at present!

You may get a bit more business through a couple of colleagues at work in Leeds who also drive Saabs and are very keen to see the result of Abbotts’ efforts on mine. I think they will be impressed when I get back to work on Monday. So thanks again Giles. Hope you got home safely yesterday after your long trip around the country. Will keep in touch for more stuff in the future.

best wishes,



Greetings Giles!

Sorry for not contacting you before now, but can I just say what a pleasure it was dealing with yourself in buying the Aero. It was without a doubt the easiest car purchase ever (and there has been a few…….).

The car is fantastic and I think this no small part due to recent past in your hands at Abbott’s.

Many thanks again



Dear Giles

The tech in the workshop is really chuffed with that front brace he sez it really makes a big difference

thanks again !!



Hi Giles,

The new cams are absolutely amazing and possibly the best piece of kit I’ve ever bought from yourselves. The car seems to pull more strongly right across the rev range up to 6000 rpm and our local Saab experts at Sandton Saab in Jhg think my car is now quicker than the 93 they race at our local circuits!

Kind regards,

Nigel SA


Dear Giles:

I promise to send along a picture as requested but didn’t want to wait to give you feedback on the Viggen Rescue Kit installed in the fall, followed by the new inter-cooler which I had installed today. The car handles much better in every way. Firstly, the rescue kit has reduced the torque steer on acceleration to virtually nil. With the new inter-cooler I can feel the power increase and reduction in turbo lag so that every shift feels smoother and acceleration, which was never a problem before, is now just a pure joy.

In your written description on your website you state that the bhp is increased by 12.bhp My 2001 Viggen has had a re-birth!!

Warm Regards,

Jim –  Canada