Manual Boost Control Bleed Valve

£45.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

A Common problem on older turbo models is indifferent or varying boost pressure. Owners report performance levels changing on a day to day basis.

This is invariably due to faulty operation of the 3 way boost pressure control valve. On a t5 vehicle this can not be changed for a new unit as they are no longer available. The manual valve offers more reliable and responsive control of the turbocharger, so that the boost pressure can be set to a constant, within limits, by the owner.

Operation of the APC system is however deleted but overboost protection remains as a safeguard against overboosting. Once the desired boost pressure is set, the adjustment wheel can be locked with a grub-screw to prevent movement.

This valve is manufactured from high quality aluminium to Abbott Racing specification, and is anodised.

Not to be confused with other commercially available valves, the Abbott Racing item is ported to suit Saab applications only.



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