Limited Slip Differential (9000)

£825.00 excl. VAT


Product Description

Typical Fitting Cost – £350 + VAT
Does Not Include, Oil, Sealants & Consumable Parts In Carrying Out Installation

The LSD unit prevents the lightly loaded front wheel from spinning, typically when exiting a junction. Power is distributed to both front wheels allowing more balanced power delivery. This has a major secondary benefit at higher road speeds, making the car more stable during cornering. Full power can be maintained with tighter lines possible, improving driving pleasure. The Abbott Racing LSD does not produce any unpleasant characteristics normally associated with some LSD’s.

This unit totally transforms the dynamics of any 9000, producing incredible traction and roadholding benefits. If you want a serious chassis improvements – this is the product you need.

Replacing faulty parts / worn bearings in donor gearbox will be charged accordingly…

With many years of motorsport experience behind us, we are more than aware of possible failures, caused by excessive BHP & torque figures.

The standard gears are quite capable of transmitting power up to approx. 300BHP/400NM of torque, after that longevity is a major issue.

We are therefore unable to warranty any re-builds/repairs to transmissions fitted to vehicles producing figures in excess of the known safe limits.