314mm Brake Upgrade

£20.00£430.00 excl. VAT


Product Description

This is a direct fit upgrade for Ng 9-3 with 285mm or 302mm front brakes.

Larger disks and pads result in:
– Improved braking power
– Shorter stopping distances
– Reduced brake fade
– Less braking effort required
– Improved aesthetics

The kit options let you tailor a kit suitable for you.

The 314mm brake disks will not fit with the 285mm/302mm dust shield which will have to be either cut off or replaced with 314mm dust shields.

Whilst not required on 9-3’s to upgrade the brakes it is advised that you fit stainless steel brake hoses at this time. Available in a selection of colours upon request.


Stainless brake hoses will be required to fit this kit to 9-5’s.


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