3 Inch Twin Backbox (SAAB 9-5)

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Product Description

3″ Twin Finisher Backbox

Abbott Racing performance back-boxes are constructed entirely from 304 Grade Stainless-Steel and can be fitted to the standard exhaust system using a supplied adaptor.

The silencer box is a free-flow design allowing the passage of exhaust gases with considerably less “effort” on the engine and turbocharger, therefor improving engine response and giving a small horsepower improvement.

Our target for exhaust systems acoustically, is to give an increase in audible engine note depth, but without the unpleasant “rasp” or excessive volume associated with other performance exhaust systems, in short, we like to maintain but enhance the character of the car, through its exhaust note.

Note: This backbox is not compatible with the Abbott Racing 3″ system.

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