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3″ Downpipe (New 9-3)

£395.00£515.00 excl. VAT


Product Description

The stainless steel downpipe is completely compatible with 3″ cat back systems or your O/E , this basically means, you can choose to fit the sports downpipe to your standard centre section, an ideal solution if a catalyst fails, something we see on a regular basis.

The performance catalytic converters are designed to reduce backpressure and increase engine power output and offer significantly increased exhaust gas flow over OEM and standard aftermarket converters.  This is achieved by using lower density stainless steel monolith matrix 200 cells per square inch (cpsi) than the ceramic substrate standard aftermarket converters.

The stainless steel monolith withstands extreme vibration and temperatures that can destroy standard ceramic substrates.  The result is a more durable and longer lasting converter.


Please note: The Front Pipe will not fit a V6.


To Compliment The Performance Gains From Fitting The 3″ Downpipe We Recommend An ECU Upgrade

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